Welcome to the life of Gee

Hello loves!

My name is Georgina, call me Gee or George though! I’m a 30 year old Mum from Wolverhampton and well I’ve hit rock bottom!

So I’ve started this blog an outlet for my anxieties and massive amount of low self-esteem! I hope to gain confidence, new skills (total tech dummy here!), and hope to share awareness of mental health, loosing a parent, moterhood and what it’s like to be well me.

So, a little about me… I’m a total caffiene freak, I live off coffee! I’m a tiny 5ft tall, My little man is my whole world even though I’ll be complaining about him during my posts! I live with my pain in the bum boyfriend who is my ultimate love (don’t tell him though 😉 ha), My Dad is my best friend! Tattoo’s are the way i express my individuality and I’ve discovered my true passion in life…

So keep reading, liking, sharing & commenting and I hope you enjoy!

Love always, Gee x

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